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Which herbal medicines are illegal in the NHL?

In late October, the NHL Players Association, the union representing the league’s players, announced that it would begin enforcing the rules of the International Olympic Committee regarding the use of herbal products and supplements during the Games.

The union also announced that its members would be required to undergo a two-day drug test before entering the stadium, and players who failed a drug test would be suspended for one game.

In its announcement, the players association said it would also introduce a new “Health and Safety” policy that would require teams to test players and staff in the stadium during games, and would provide a system for reporting suspected drug use.

The union said that if players and employees test positive, they will be suspended and fined.

The players association also said it is looking into ways to limit the number of players who use the products.

It remains unclear how the union’s new policy will affect the number and type of athletes who could be in attendance for the Games, but it is likely that it will not apply to those who are not currently in a contract.

The IOC, which has banned the use and sale of several herbal medicines and supplements, has issued several directives that prohibit athletes from using them during the Olympics.

The IOC also recently banned athletes from taking other supplements, such as herbal supplements, as well as certain dietary supplements.