How to Grow Herbal Medicine in Borneo

Growing herbs in the Philippines has long been an elusive endeavor.

Even in an industry where one plant can easily produce nearly a ton of buds, growing herbs in a small area can be tricky.

So how does a Bornean grower get started?

Let’s explore what you need to know to get started.1.

Get a Planting KitFirst, you’ll need to get your hands on a planting kit.

This is a simple kit that contains a container with a pot and a sprayer.

The pot can hold up to four plants.

This kit is the easiest way to start your journey and is easy to use.

You can also buy one at the market.

You will need a spray bottle and a small garden hose.

You’ll also need a sprig of bud from each plant to keep your herbs fresh.2.

Cut the BudsFirst, cut the buds out.

You won’t need to buy any stems for the first four plants, so cut the stems off with scissors.

The leaves will be used for the next four plants and will give you a nice, smooth, glossy bud.

Cut your buds off with a knife.

The bud should come out about an inch (1cm) long.3.

Fill the KitWith a large pot, place the pot with the buds on top.

You should have around two to three buds per plant.4.

Care for the PlantsAs you wait for the buds to sprout, take care of the plants.

You want them to be warm and dry.

You don’t want them wet.

You also don’t need too much heat to keep them alive.5.

Water Your PlantsYou will need to water your plants once a week, and then you can remove them.

The water should be just a trickle and should only be used as needed.6.

Harvesting Your HerbsThe next step is to harvest the herbs and leaves.

The buds are harvested with a fork or a fork stick.

The herb should be about 1 inch (2cm) tall and about an ounce (15ml) in weight.

The leaf should be 2 to 4 inches (5 to 10cm) wide.

You will use a sharp knife to cut off the stems and leaves from each bud.

You are only allowed to trim the leaves.7.

Clean Up Your GardenYou should wash your garden after every harvest.

Your herb garden will also help to reduce the amount of pesticides that enter your house.8.

Grow Your PlantsNow that you have the herbs in your garden, it’s time to start growing them.

You could start by growing the buds.

But there are a couple things to keep in mind.1) Be careful about the buds you are growing.

They need to be kept away from people and pets, and you shouldn’t be growing them outside.2) Be very careful about watering your plants.

The soil needs to be dry.

Watering your herbs in hot, sunny areas can cause the herbs to dry out.3) If you are not growing the plants, you will have to wait until the buds are ready to harvest to harvest.

This will take about three weeks.

Once you have your plants, harvest them and collect the herbs.

The herbs are then ready to be dried and used.6 tips for growing herbsIn the Philippines, you can grow herbs by either harvesting the buds or the leaves to grow herbs.

Harvest the buds and the leaves will produce a plant.

If you want to grow the leaves, you must cut them into lengths and cut the ends off.

Then you can plant them in the soil.

Harvest and harvest the leaves and you will get your own herbs.

To grow herbs, you need a container, sprayer, and a spig of bud.

There are many different ways to grow them, but the simplest is to cut a piece of bud off of the root.

Then, place it in the container with the herbs that you want.

You can also use a large garden hose to collect the leaves for the herb garden.

There’s a lot of information out there about how to grow your herbs.

To learn more, see our herbs section of this guide.

For more information about growing herbs, check out our guide to growing herbs.