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When Are You Drinking Them?—A Tale of Two Ingredients

“A few months ago, we were in the middle of a conference in Europe, and I asked the producers, ‘What do you do with the tea that you brew?

Do you sell it?’

And they said, ‘Yeah, we sell it in the United States.'”

“So we started thinking about what else we could do with it,” she continued.

“We started to look at how much of it we could sell to distributors and wholesalers.

And we were really intrigued by how much tea could be produced from a single plant.

So we started to do some research.”

Trevo’s newest product, Aflofa, is a small, red, red tea tree native to Asia.

Aflorin is the name of a plant in India that’s been cultivated for centuries, and Trevo wanted to bring that back to the States to see if it could be used as a herbal medicine.

Trevo and her team used the tea as a source of inspiration for their new tea, which she described as “a bit like tea for people with eczema, where you can get a lot of different types of different herbs and minerals.”

The product’s flavor is described as refreshing, mild, and sweet, with a hint of citrus and floral.

AFLOFA is available at Whole Foods Markets and other grocery stores nationwide.

In addition to Trevo, a number of other new herbal products have been introduced this year.

The most notable is Trevo Labs’ first-ever herbal oil.

The company is launching the herbal oil, called Trevo Oil, at a Whole Foods Market near you.

Treva’s first-time herbal product will be available in select Whole Foods markets in November.

Trevi said the oil has a “clean, fresh and clean, light and fluffy taste,” which is reminiscent of a fresh flower.

Treveos products are also available at many grocery stores and other specialty stores.

The products are priced at $5.99 each.

The brand also announced plans to introduce a new brand of herbal tea, Trevo Gold, which Trevo hopes will offer more versatility and lower prices.

“It’s just like tea, it’s more flavorful, it has a little more flavor and more aroma and less bitterness,” Trevo said.

Trevero also announced the launch of Trevo Juice, a $10.99 herbal oil that is made from plant extracts.

Trevetos products also will be offered at Whole Food Markets in December.

Trevieros products will be sold at select grocery stores, and they’ll be available for purchase at Whole Fresh Markets in November, Treveros Juice will be on sale at Whole Markets in January, and other products will debut in early 2016.