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New Indian company to produce herbal medicine for chronic pain

India’s Herbal Medicine Dictionary, which is a digital dictionary of the English language and has a dictionary for terms related to the herb ayurveda, has announced that it is in the process of launching a brand new brand of herbal medicine that is based on the Indian science of Ayurvedic medicine.

The company is in talks with various medical establishments in India to manufacture and distribute its new herbal medicine. 

The Herbal Medicines Dictionary will launch on Monday in Mumbai, Mumbai Medical College, and Delhi Medical College. 

“We are currently in discussions with various hospitals in India. 

This is a big step for us to be a part of the market,” Gurbani Ranganathan, CEO of HerbalMed, told TechRadars. 

Ranganathan is also the founder and CEO of Indoor Spa, a startup in Mumbai that aims to develop a herbal health spa, as well as an alternative treatment platform for women.

The Herd is a brand that aims at connecting health care professionals and patients in India, where there is an increasing need for herbal medicine to address chronic pain, according to Gurbati.

The herbal medicine dictionary will have over 1,500 terms in the dictionary, ranging from the most common herbal medicines, to alternative treatments, to common side effects of herbal medicines. 

It will also feature a number of herbal brands like Gurmar, the herbal brand, that has a history of developing innovative herbal medicines for chronic conditions like Crohn’s, Type 2 diabetes, Crohn disease, osteoarthritis and osteoetiology, as part of its India business. 

According to Ranganath, Herd has been working on its brand for some time, and the team has been discussing the development of its herbal medicine brand for quite some time. 

In India, the brand has received support from the National Rural Health Mission, the Indian Medical Association, and Indian pharmaceutical companies. 

On August 1, the Herd team launched a website and mobile app for the brand. 

As part of this, the company also released a short video to educate people on how to use the Herbal Med brand, as it is now in its third generation. 

 The brand has also partnered with Indian pharma companies for the production of its product. 

To date, HerbalMedic has sold over 4 million units of the herbal medicine in India since it launched in 2013.