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Why the Chinese Are Taking to the Art of Weed (and the Other Art of Medicine)

China is taking to the art of herbal medicine.

This includes marijuana, LSD, LSD mushrooms, and other drugs.

In fact, some say China is the world’s most dangerous country for drugs.

The country is home to more than 100 million drug users, with some 2.5 million on probation, according to the Global Drug Survey.

The drugs and their dealers are known for their hard drugs and violence, but they also have a reputation for creativity and innovation.

They have been known to make something from scratch, and many have started their own companies.

They’ve even created their own brand of beer.

In a world that is dominated by drugs and gangs, there is a lot of room for innovation and creativity in China.

Here are some of the country’s best marijuana businesses.

The Drug Factory of China The Drug Factory is a popular dispensary in Beijing.

The storefront has a “tent” of marijuana plants that sits on a wall, as well as a small table.

Customers can buy marijuana from the vending machine, or they can smoke weed from the tables.

The restaurant has a few other restaurants, too, including a lounge that has a lounge area with a couch.

The marijuana-friendly business is part of the Chinese drug scene, and is run by the local government.

It is also home to the drug lab.

The drug factory of China has a number of different types of marijuana, but there are several types of cannabis strains, according.

This is what the Drug Factory looks like inside.

Drug factory owner Wu Liang, left, and manager Li Liyuan, right, inspect a variety of strains of marijuana at the Drug factory.

Wu Liang works in the DrugFactory in Beijing, where he has produced a variety from strains of cannabis that have become popular in China, including those that are made from the plant.

He says that when people visit the factory, they see different strains of the same cannabis.

“It’s good to see that people want to try different things.

We can make different products,” he said.

Li Liyuans owner, Wu Liang (right), makes a batch of marijuana.

The plant is grown in the company’s production facility.

A sample of the marijuana he is making.

It’s not a new thing for China to produce marijuana from scratch.

It’s a popular practice among Chinese, and it is also growing in popularity in the United States.

In the U.S., the United Arab Emirates, and Canada, many people are looking to expand their marijuana use.

Some have even started their businesses in the U!

States, where the U?s medical marijuana laws are still being worked out.

Some of the most popular marijuana strains are from China.

One of the hottest strains is called Purple Kush.

It grows like a weed, and looks similar to marijuana.

In China, Purple Kush is made by the same company that produces Purple Kush from marijuana that is grown on plantations in Taiwan.

Purple Kush also has a similar smell to marijuana, according a dispensary owner.

In addition to marijuana-infused products, Chinese companies also sell marijuana-related accessories.

While Purple Kush, the U.?s legal marijuana, does have a very different taste to it, other varieties of marijuana have a more traditional taste.

The U?t?s legal pot in Canada has a very similar taste to marijuana in China (pictured).

There are also marijuana-themed clothing and accessories.

One company, Xingdao Cannabis, offers a line of clothing made from marijuana.

They sell clothes for men, women, and children that feature marijuana plants on them.

The company’s website features a marijuana leaf embroidered on a shirt, and the words “weed clothing” on the back.