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Chinese herbal medicine course gives students the chance to learn ‘real’ medicine

Updated May 12, 2019 11:03:55 A Chinese herbal education course has been offered to Chinese students, who can now study the real medicinal ingredients and techniques used by ancient China’s ancient medicine tradition.

Key points:The Chinese university says the course, called ‘Herbal Medicine Degree’, will give students the opportunity to study the medicinal ingredients used by Ancient China’s Ancient Medicine traditionThe course will also teach them how to recognise herbal ingredientsThe course is part of the Chinese government’s efforts to encourage Chinese students to learn traditional Chinese medicine, which is the world’s oldest, most widely practised form of Chinese medicine.

The course, which will be taught in Shanghai and Beijing, was first offered in November and the university says it will be the first to teach it to students in China.

“In China, it’s common for students to go to university in their first year, but the Chinese university has offered the opportunity for students of all levels to study this subject,” said Dr Yu Jing, head of the university’s Natural Sciences department.

“The course gives them a chance to see how medicinal ingredients are used by Chinese people, including herbal medicines, and also how the ancient Chinese medicines are related to today’s Western medicine.”

Dr Yu said the course would also be taught to Chinese medical students.

“For those who are interested in herbal medicine as an undergraduate, we hope this will provide them with a practical foundation to continue their studies in this field, while also giving them an opportunity to make friends with the local Chinese herbal community,” she said.

The Shanghai branch of the National Institutes of Health and other Chinese government organisations have made it possible for Chinese students of higher education to study herbal medicine.

“I think it’s a good thing for Chinese health,” Dr Yu said.

“We have to make sure that Chinese students are interested and able to participate in the study of this great form of medicine, so they will be able to better understand and benefit from it.”

There are lots of medicinal ingredients, so it’s very important for them to learn about them.

“And also, we have a huge amount of herbal medicines in the country, so if they can use it, they can learn and improve.”

Dr Jing said the programme would help Chinese students gain confidence in their abilities to use herbal medicines.

“It’s a very important thing to teach a student about traditional Chinese medicines, so that they can be more confident in their own abilities, especially in the area of herbal medicine,” she added.

Dr Yu also said the aim of the course was to encourage more Chinese students from the country’s provinces to enrol in the programme.

“Because we’re a university, we can’t provide it directly to students from outside the country.

So, we’re going to be providing the opportunity of a study abroad option for Chinese student from the provinces, who may want to enrol and study with us,” she explained.