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How to use Goji herb medicine to treat chronic fatigue syndrome

By Tomas ZajacZajacThe herb Goji has a lot to offer to the body and mind, and it has a long history of use as a natural medicine.

For those who suffer from chronic fatigue, it’s a powerful natural remedy.

But as the number of people suffering from chronic pain grows, it can be difficult to access the herb for the first time.

It has a reputation for causing chronic fatigue and other conditions. 

According to research published in the Journal of Clinical Investigation, Goji can also help people with mild to moderate pain and inflammation.

Dr. Mina Alsomian, who runs a Goji herbal therapy clinic in Italy, told the BBC that many people with chronic fatigue suffer from pain and stiffness in the joints. 

“Some of them have very mild symptoms and they are often tired,” she said.

“It is very important to take care of them.

This is why it is so important to find a good herbal medicine.

The only thing you need to know is how to use it.”

Dr. Alsoms prescription was not tested on patients with any other conditions, she said, so it’s difficult to know whether or not the herbal remedy would be effective for chronic fatigue. 

Dr. Elisabetta Graziani, an expert in herbal medicine and pain, told BBC News that there is a big difference between treating mild to medium-severe pain with herbs and treating it with antibiotics.

“The problem with antibiotics is that they do not work well against the bacteria, which can lead to infections, especially if they are very severe,” she told BBC Radio 4’s Today programme. 

If you’re taking a prescription from a GP, she added, you’ll need to have the medicine tested on a number of different people, which may mean having a physical examination and lab tests to confirm whether it is the right medicine for you. 

For those with chronic pain, Gojis medicinal properties are a big advantage, according to the Italian herbal medicine company Grazianna. 

“[Goji] has a very good concentration of herbs, it has the ability to stimulate the circulation of the blood, which in turn improves circulation in the body,” the company’s president Gianni Graziano told the Daily Mail newspaper.

“This is a good thing because it makes the pain less intense and the fatigue less debilitating,” he added.

Dr Alsoman told BBC World Service that she does not recommend Goji for everyone, but for those who have had a bad experience with pain medication, it may be the only way to treat them.

“I do not recommend using Goji to treat pain, but I do recommend using it in a controlled setting,” she added. 

Goji herbal remedies are widely available online. 

The herb is commonly found in Asia, and has a medicinal profile similar to the tea that makes it popular in traditional Chinese medicine. 

It is also a powerful herb in other regions around the world, and is used as a food additive in many countries, including Australia.

Dr Grazia said she was not aware of any studies on the effectiveness of Goji in the UK.

“We have no data on its effect on chronic fatigue,” she explained. 

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