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Colts coach says team ‘would like to have’ homeopathic medicines

Colts coach Chuck Pagano told reporters Thursday that the Colts are “looking into” homeopathy and are in the process of determining if it is an option.

Pagano was asked if he thought it was a viable option for the Colts.

“Absolutely,” he said.

“I think homeopathy is something that has been proven in a lot of studies and the evidence is there.

It’s been proven to be effective in some cases, and we’ve talked to some of our doctors and we’ll look into that and make a decision there.”

Pressed further, Pagano added, “I would like to say it’s an option that is something we are looking at.”

Pushing back on reports of an interest in homeopathy, Pagani added, ”I think it’s something that we’re exploring.

I’m sure there’s more research to be done on it and I know we’re always looking for more.

We have a team of people working on it.

I would like them to be part of it.”

In 2016, the Colts were the first team to declare homeopathy a safe and effective treatment option.

Pagano, who has coached in Indianapolis for 12 seasons, also addressed the NFL’s new concussion protocol, which the league announced Thursday.

The protocol includes new criteria for determining whether a player should be suspended or fined for a concussion.

The new criteria includes a more rigorous assessment of the severity of the injury, the amount of time the player has spent in the concussion and whether the player is “concussed beyond a reasonable doubt” by a doctor.

It will also require that the player be given a concussion-specific testing kit and must receive an evaluation from a physician to determine if the player needs additional treatment.

The guidelines were released after the NFL conducted more than 1,000 independent tests and reviewed more than 40,000 medical records.

The league will conduct an additional review of the concussion protocol in 2017.

Pagani said the league’s concussion protocol is designed to reduce the risk of concussions in the NFL.

The team will not be required to use the new guidelines to determine how to evaluate players, he said, but the Colts will be given the opportunity to conduct that evaluation.

The Colts’ schedule this season is currently scheduled to begin on Nov. 30 against the Baltimore Ravens.