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How To Make Your Own Alj-Harmony Alj Green Tea Alj herbal tea recipe

A DIY AljGreenTea.com recipe, made from an herbal tea made from the leaves of a Japanese shrub, was shared on Reddit by user aaron_b_kitty.

“This is my attempt at making Alj green tea,” she wrote.

“I found a Japanese plant that I wanted to try, but I didn’t want to pay a fortune for a plant that has very high toxicity levels and is poisonous to dogs.

I was hoping to make Alj in my kitchen, but the shrubs didn’t look particularly tasty to me.”

AljTea, a website where people can share their DIY AlJ recipes, offers recipes for several Japanese shrubs, including Japanese Kashi, Japanese Shiwi, and Japanese Lilies.

Alj is often brewed in China and India, but AljgreenTea.

Com suggests using Alj as a tea instead.

“Alj is a natural product with no chemicals added, and it is very easy to make in the home,” the recipe notes.

“You only need the leaves, water, and tea, and a kitchen, stove, and dishwasher.”

A similar Alj tea recipe, also shared by a user by the name of thekittypony, uses a Japanese Kishi shrub.

“The leaves have a bitter taste that can be very unpleasant if you get it in your mouth,” the author wrote.

AlijGreenTea notes that Alj can also be made with a combination of the Japanese Kachi and Chinese Kashi shrubs.

“In this recipe I added some tea leaves to the Alj and it was great,” the user wrote.