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Shifaa’s herbal medicine is safe for your body, but it can cause side effects

Shifee has a brand of herbal medicine called Shifai, which she sells through her online shop, but she warns that it’s still not for everyone.

I know I have allergies, she says.

But it’s safe to use.

People who are allergic to wheat, dairy, peanuts or fish will need to use Shifaya instead, and it’s only recommended for people who are healthy, fit and healthy, she explains.

Shifaa, a small-scale herbal medicine company in the U.K., started out in the 1990s selling dried herbs.

Now, Shifayas main product is herbal tea and it is the only one that’s approved for human use.

Her products are widely available online and in stores, but the FDA has said it won’t approve Shifaeas products unless they contain trace amounts of dung beetles.

Shifaas website says the company’s herbs have been used to treat allergies, asthma, arthritis and other conditions, but Shifawas herbal tea has never been approved for humans to take.

Herbal tea is also not recommended for those who are pregnant, under the age of 18 or have a heart condition or other health issues.

So, while herbal tea is an easy way to find herbs online, it’s not for everybody.

“The majority of the herbs you’ll find on Shifas site are either synthetic or have no active ingredients,” she says, noting that herbal tea also isn’t approved for pregnant women or those with certain health conditions.

Even if you’re able to get herbal tea through your local grocery store, it is still possible to find herbal tea that is sold by Shifafari, a group of herbal companies based in the United Kingdom.

The group has sold herbal tea since 2008, and its products are also approved for use in humans.

The group says its herbal tea doesn’t contain any dung beetle pollen, but a few of its products do contain the substance.

While herbal tea isn’t for everyone, it does come in many forms, says Lauren.

If you’re worried about dung Beetle pollen in your herbal tea, try using an alternative, like tea tree oil, she recommends.

The oils can also help prevent allergies.