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When will the U.S. stop buying foreign products?

The United States has been buying billions of dollars worth of drugs from overseas, but now it’s trying to stop that practice.

President Donald Trump has been pushing to lift the nation’s export ban on many pharmaceuticals, saying it’s too expensive to produce them in the U, but many health experts say that will not happen until at least 2021.

That would leave a gap of about five years.

The country already has a trade surplus with the rest of the world, and Trump wants to expand it even further.

What we know about the drug imports from the United States: The Drug Enforcement Administration says it imports more than $50 billion worth of pharmaceuticals from the U., mostly from countries including India, China and France.

The U.K. is a big player, accounting for about 20 percent of that.

The country has imported billions of doses of antibiotics and cancer drugs from other countries.

President Trump has pledged to end the import ban on prescription drugs from Canada, Australia and the U to ease pressure on the U-S.

manufacturing sector.

But Trump’s chief of staff, Reince Priebus, has been telling the White House press corps that the president has not made up his mind on how to close the import-export gap.

He has called the U.-S.

trade deficit with the world “outrageous” and said the United Kingdom is “probably the biggest” and “one of the largest exporters” of prescription drugs.

Priebus told reporters at the White Houses daily briefing that the Whitehouse will take up the issue “very quickly.”

He said Trump has spoken with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau about the trade gap and plans to continue that discussion.

But Priebus also said that while Trump has promised to close it, he has not yet made a decision.

Trump’s administration also has announced a plan to boost manufacturing in the United State by adding 700,000 jobs in a decade.

The White House said it expects the total number of jobs in the manufacturing sector to grow by more than 15,000 over the next decade.