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How to treat an allergy to herbal medicine

People can get an allergy by breathing in certain substances or from touching them, such as herbs and certain plants.

The symptoms are similar to the symptoms of a food allergy, but the person can also experience a range of other symptoms.

Most people with allergies to herbs are sensitive to certain chemicals, such for instance, to aluminum, but some are not.

When someone has a food or allergy to a certain plant, they often get the symptoms that the person has a reaction to that plant.

For instance, the symptoms include a skin reaction to certain plant materials.

If the person’s reaction is a result of a chemical in a plant, such an allergy may occur because of the chemicals in the plant.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulates the safety of herbal products for people who have an allergy or sensitivity to a specific herb or plant.

In some cases, a person may have a reaction when they use a particular herb or a plant.

Some herbal remedies can be used to help treat allergy to the plant, but others can be considered dangerous to use in a patient’s body.

Herbal remedies are made up of ingredients that are naturally occurring.

They can be sold over the counter or as a prescription.

You can learn more about herbal medicines.

When a person with an allergy gets a reaction or a specific chemical in their body, they may experience symptoms such as: a burning or itching sensation that spreads to the area of the face, neck or body that is most sensitive