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‘It’s time to wake up’: How to prevent an allergic reaction to goosegrass

In March of this year, the government of Japan passed a law mandating that all residents of the country take daily shots of the herbal medicine goosegrass.

The new legislation was prompted by the introduction of a coronavirus strain called ALH-5, which has spread throughout Japan, particularly among people who have not taken regular immunizations.

In Japan, more than two million people have died from the virus and more than 200,000 people have been hospitalized.

While the number of deaths related to the coronaviruses has declined, the number in Japan has increased.

In the past three months, the country has seen an uptick in coronaviral-related deaths, with coronaviriuses now being reported in about half the country.

The law was passed amid a national debate over how to protect against the spread of coronavires.

The Japanese government is urging all residents to take a daily dose of the herb to prevent coronavire infections, and the country is working to develop a vaccine for the disease.

The number of coronivirus cases in Japan is at a 10-year high, but the number who have been diagnosed with the disease has dropped significantly since last year.

The Ministry of Health is currently studying how to make the herb safe and effective for the nation’s citizens.