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Which herbs are the best to treat insomnia?

In a recent article in The Hindu, Dr Suresh Kumar Sharma, founder of the Yoga Institute of India, says the three herbs most effective in treating insomnia are mint, dandelion and black pepper.

He also recommends drinking lots of water.

“I recommend drinking tea, honey and water.

These are the most beneficial,” he says.

Dr Sharma says the use of herbs to treat the symptoms of insomnia is not only useful in the short term but can also help people to improve their quality of life.

“In the long run, the herbs are a natural treatment for insomnia.

The herbs can be very beneficial in helping you sleep,” he adds.

He says the best herbs to take for insomnia are black pepper, mint and dandelions.

Black pepper, which is an extract of the dandelia plant, is said to help alleviate the symptoms and improve the quality of sleep.

Mint is also said to ease the pain of sleep disorders.

According to Dr Sharma, black pepper can help alleviate insomnia and its symptoms, but it has no effect on the quality or quantity of sleep a person gets.

“Dandelion, on the other hand, is a medicinal plant that can help relieve the symptoms, improve sleep quality and ease the pains of sleep,” says Dr Sharma.

He adds that drinking plenty of tea is also good for the health.

“Tea can help the body recover from the effects of toxins and also provide a great health benefit.

Drinking tea can help a person to relax and get rid of toxins from their body,” he explains.

He advises people to drink plenty of water, and says that it is better to drink a lot of water and tea.

“It helps to maintain a healthy weight.

It helps in maintaining a healthy metabolism,” he also says.