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The herbal medicine maker has a new deal with the state

Dublin, Ireland – Irish herbal medicines maker, Gardasil, is getting a new five-year deal with Ireland’s Department of Health and Social Protection (DSHP) after the company was hit by an “unprecedented” outbreak of Gardasilea.

A statement from Gardasill said the new deal has a value of €7.4 million over the next five years, up from the €4.9 million the company had initially announced.

It is also worth an additional €2 million a year on top of the €1.2 million the government has pledged in its 2015-2019 Framework for the Health of Children and Young People, which covers the Gardasils annual vaccine trial.

The Irish Gardasiles vaccine was the first of its kind approved by the US National Institutes of Health (NIH).

The company is currently preparing to take Gardasifacient (the generic version of the vaccine) on the European market.

Irish Health Minister Dr Peter Robinson said the Government’s announcement was a “step in the right direction” but he did not have any details on how the new agreement would affect the price of Gardisil.

The company has also received a five-million euro subsidy from the European Medicines Agency, which has made its annual financial support to Gardasilds the largest ever for a pharmaceutical company.

Gardasil has not yet been tested in the European Union.