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How to get the most out of herbal medicine

Traditional herbal medicine has a long and storied history, from ancient Greece to modern day India.

It is often used as a remedy for various health problems, including cancer, diabetes and some forms of arthritis.

But despite its popularity, its use has been increasingly under scrutiny in recent years as the country has experienced the steep rise in antibiotic resistance.

The new research is the first to look at how traditional herbal medicine can help prevent some common cancers.

In a series of studies, the team of scientists analysed the effectiveness of herbal remedies on the skin of mice with skin cancer.

They found that it did a pretty good job in reducing the spread of the cancerous cells, but it didn’t stop them from developing and multiplying in the body.

This is because the skin cells have the ability to differentiate into cancerous and normal cells, so they can fight off the invading cancer cells.

Traditional herbal remedies also help in the prevention of other skin diseases, including eczema, psoriasis and psorinitis, which can also be caused by antibiotics.

Traditional herbs can help fight skin cancer by: helping to keep skin healthy The use of natural extracts helps prevent the growth of the invading bacteria from growing The use in the treatment of infections The use to treat inflammation and infections