How to buy herbal medicine in Italy

A doctor in southern Italy has offered to sell herbal medicine from a popular medicinal tree in return for cash.

According to La Repubblica, a local herbalist named Marco Santori is offering a special deal to anyone who wishes to buy medicinal plants from his shop.

He says he wants to help the population because it is a crisis.

“I’m selling them for 10,000 euros [£8,200], which is about half the price of buying a car,” he told the paper.

“People want the chance to live more healthy lives, but they are also dying.”

The trees belong to a group of herbs known as liliaceae, which are indigenous to the Indian subcontinent.

The liliosas medicinal properties are so strong that they can kill diseases in people, and are used in traditional medicine.

Santori’s business model is a bit unusual.

He is a licensed physician who has studied the medicinal properties of liliophyll and has a reputation for treating cancer and other conditions.

In order to make a profit, he has to pay a commission of 50 percent of the sale price, and he does so by using herbal remedies from the lilias medicinal tree.

Santiob is not the only one offering the deals.

In a similar way to Santori, other herbalists in Italy are offering to sell their medicinal herbs for a fee.

But these herbalists are not selling their products for free, they are selling them as a service, so they have to make an investment in order to get the medicines.

And this investment has a lot of financial costs.

Santoori says that when he sells his herbal medicine for 20,000 Euros, he will pay a small commission to the owner of the shop.

The medicinal herbs that he is selling are only the most popular of the medicinal plants, with more than 100,000 different species of lily, lavender and rosemary, which is used in over 90 different countries.

The Italian medicinal products are being sold as a way of giving the local population a chance to make some money in order not to lose their health.

Satiob says that he wants his herbal remedies to be used by people suffering from a variety of ailments and illnesses, not just cancer.